Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bird Songs

Guys, I have been trying to learn common bird sounds for ages. I found a great site that has some of the common birds from our backyards. It has about 40 seconds of each bird, sounding some variations. Take a look and see if it helps you.


  1. Great site. Very easy to use. I had one dog and one cat trying to figure out how the mockingbird got into my pc.

  2. It's not free (about $85), but the Thayer Guide to Birds of North America is a great training tool. Available on CD. I've had fun with it. It allows you to develop your own quizzes which is a good way to prep for the CBC or other field outings. You can find this software on many bird-related websites/vendors. Here's one.

    Thayer has come out with a less expensive ($50) Birds of My Region CD. I haven't checked that out. Happy birding! Chick-a- Dee Deb

  3. I like the mnemonic "shortcuts" that the Learning Bird Songs site uses.
    Especially the one for the KingBird....."sparks jumping between wires".
    very cool.

    For a more extensive (and free) sound library, also check out Cornell's Bird guide website.