Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WVDNR Grant Opportunities

The WVDNR has its annual call out for Cooperative Research and Educational/Management Grants. This is a great opportunity for Master Naturalists to use and share what they have learned. Topics for Educational/Management projects include:

--Develop educational trunks with a specific learning theme. (i.e. streams, ponds, etc)
--Improve a stream by controlling bank erosion or creating habitat for fish and other aquatic animals.
--Develop and staff a booth at fairs and community gatherings promoting WV’s non-game wildlife and botanical resources.
--Construct interpretive trails, viewing towers, blinds etc. for wildlife observation.
--Construct nest box trails for key bird species.
--Design and develop wildlife demonstration areas such as hummingbird and butterfly gardens.

For more information visit:

Closing date for proposals is November 20, 2009

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