Saturday, November 7, 2009

Be a volunteer at Coopers Rock, get Halloween candy

The Coopers Rock Foundation is hosting its annual Coopers Rock Halloween Candy Trailwork Weekend. Volunteers will be supplied with Halloween candy.
Hours are from 10am-6pm today, at the entrance to the front gate parking lot, and from 1-5pm Sunday, at Pavilion No 3 in the lower picnic loop. A map will be attached to the kiosk near the restrooms in the parking lot. Volunteers may work as much or as little as they wish.
The work consists of maintaining drainage features, including water bars, dips, drainage ditches and culverts; removing downed limbs and branches over the trails; trimming vegetation growing into the trail corridors; cleaning out grills and cleaning off stone steps in the lower picnic loop. Tools and work gloves will be provided.
BlissBlissBliss will offer $1-per-minutes CHAIRity massages and Seated Thai Yoga from 1-4pm Sunday at Pavilion No 3. Proceeds go to the Coopers Rock Foundation. Info:

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