Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nature Leadership Training School Opportunity in Terra Alta WV

Hi Everyone! Check out this incredible opportunity for Master Naturalist students, courtesy of Oglebay Institute. This week-long training is FREE. There are 10 slots for MN folks so act quickly! Even though the application is geared towards teachers, MN students can apply, just leave the teacher experience portions blank. Please direct questions directly to the school’s directors Zachary Loughman ( or Karen Kettler (

Leadership Training School Highlights

Thanks to generous support from foundations, donors, and friends, Oglebay Institute’s Nature Leadership Training School is a fully funded project aimed at increasing the knowledge of teachers and West Virginia master naturalist volunteers throughout the region and creating a strong corps of volunteers to assist in the sampling of invertebrates and increase the quality of natural history education in West Virginia. This residential environmental education experience will take place at Oglebay Institutes field station in Terra Alta, West Virginia Sunday June 20th through Friday June 25th, 2010. All participants will have lodging and homemade food provided to them. Highlights of Nature Leadership Training School include:

· Participants of the Nature Leadership Training School will receive training in alpha taxonomy, classification, natural history, ecology, and zoology from experts in the field. Institutions currently committed include West Liberty University, Marshall University, and the Invertebrate Range of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh

· Collecting methods specific to arthropods including insects (moths, beetles, and crane flies specifically), crayfishes, and arachnids will be discussed and deployed in the field. Training in the Nature Leadership Training School will enable participants to locate, collect, identify, and deposit understudied taxa into collections which desperately need information on Appalachian biodiversity.

· After training by experts in the first two days, participants will partake in a bioblitz inventory of either a state park or national forest land for understudied arthropods. Specimens collected during this effort will be deposited in the Carnegie Museums Invertebrate range. Arthropod biologists will also participate in the bioblitz alongside teachers and master naturalist volunteers.

· Following the Bioblitz, West Virginia Department of Natural Resources Biologists will be present to notify participants of significant findings. All records will be added to the current West Virginia Department of Natural resources database for rare and endangered wildlife.

· Teachers will be trained in proper field id and specimen preparation for key taxa including crayfishes, beetles, and moths, and given curriculum to augment collecting trips with their students for these taxa.

· Teachers can receive 3 FREE graduate credit hours through West Virginia University by taking their training into the classroom and collect invertebrates with their students following guidelines presented in the course. THESE CREDITS WILL BE PAID FOR THROUGH FUNDING RECEIVED TO IMPLEMENT Nature Leadership Training School.

· All specimens collected during the week or during independent collecting trips following Nature Leadership Training School will have the option of being deposited in either the Invertebrate Range at Carnegie Museum of Natural History or the West Liberty University Astacology Collection. Collector’s names will accommodate specimens in these collections for hundreds of years into the future.

Please address all questions and return the completed application as soon as possible. We will award 30 scholarships (20 to secondary education science teachers and 10 master naturalist volunteers) based on merit and timeliness. Please complete a separate form for each applicant. You will be notified in writing regarding any award (emails will be sent on June 7th. ) For more information please email the school directors Zachary Loughman ( or Karen Kettler (, who will gladly answer any questions you may have.

NLTS Application

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