Friday, January 14, 2011

MAC bugs out with insect exhibit

Opening public reception Friday
The entomology program at WVU will present "Beauty in the Beast: The World of Insects" from Friday, Jan 29 in the Benedum Gallery of Monongalia Arts Center (MAC).
The exhibit will feature various and diverse roles of insects as seen from a human perspective. There will be an opening public reception from 5-8pm Friday. At 6:30pm Vicki Kondo, a research assistant at WVU, will lead a discussion about the importance of insects in our world and will be accompanied by live insect and spider species. She will also be at MAC from noon-2pm Saturday. Topics to be discussed include what makes insects unique, why is it relevant to learn about them and what roles they play in our ecosystem.
Kondo has been a research assistant in entomology at WVU since 1982. During this time she has been a part of WVU entomology research and has been an occasional lecturer/laboratory assistant for graduate and undergraduate entomology courses.
Kondo has been the main participant in out-reach programs and has presented entomological information to hundreds of groups such as schools and other public groups and organizations.
Her research interests have focused on areas such as sampling and identification of local Lepidoptera (moths) and spiders, as well as investigations regarding beneficial insects for biological control. She has been a lifelong insect enthusiast who actually began her career at age 5 when "turning over rocks to see what crawled from beneath" was a major pastime.

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