Monday, March 7, 2011

Become an Invasivore

I subscribe to a weekly on-line gardening newsletter, Dave's Garden. I found this article by Bev Walker particularly intriguing:

Become an "Invasivore" in 3 easy lessons!
There is a movement afoot calling for the eradication of several out-of-control nonnative species via knife, spoon, or fork! A human that hunts, harvests, and devours invasive species that threaten their local environment is known as an invasivore. I suppose that also makes them a locavore, and possibly an omnivore, if both plants and animals are on the menu! You can easily become an invasivore, too, if you know where to look and how to cook.
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We hope to offer an elective class this year on local invasive species. You may even get the opportunity to volunteer locally at either the Core Arboretum or the West Virginia Botanic Garden to help eradicate some of these plants.

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