Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Coopers Rock Foundation is seeking volunteers for trail work

The Coopers Rock Foundation will host its Annual Coopers Rock Halloween Candy Trailwork Weekend on the weekend following Halloween, November 5th and 6th. All volunteers will be able to snack on Halloween candy for free while they are working. Trailwork hours will be from 9-5 Saturday, and Sunday 1-5. All volunteers are welcome, and may work for however long they wish.

Work will be primarily focused on trail drainage maintenance. We will maintain, improve, and build new drainage features such as dips, waterbars, culverts, and drainage ditches on selected trails. We will be using shovels, mattocks, rakes, wheelbarrows and other tools. Trails targeted for work include Roadside Trail, Reservoir Ski Trail (between Intermediate Loop and Reservoir Loop), and Rhododendron Trail. This type of drainage maintenance helps keep trails dry year-round for all kinds of uses.

The meeting place for volunteers upon arrival at Coopers Rock at the start of each day will be the entrance to the Day Use Parking Lot, near the Front Gate. This is the first parking lot on the right along the main road toward the Overlook. Latecomers are welcome, and should go to the information kiosk at the back of this parking lot, near the restrooms, to find a map and description of where to find trail maintenance work sites.

Volunteers will be provided with work gloves, tools, instruction and supervision, along with Halloween candy. Volunteers are requested to dress for the weather and wear clothes that can get dirty. No sandals, for safety reasons.

This is a great time to earn Community Service hours, for anyone who needs them.

Questions? Contact Adam Polinski, at adamzapple88@gmail.com, or 296-4977.

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