Sunday, October 2, 2011

Play about creek debuts today (Oct 2)

"Dead Fish Rising," a play about the death of Dunkard Creek, is set for 4pm today and Oct 9 in front of the creek at Rising Creek Bakery in Mount Morris, PA. Dunkard Creek flows across the Mason-Dixon line north from the confluence of its Pennsylvania and West Virginia forks. A mass fish kill occurred in the creek in 2009 because of coal mine discharge. This discharge caused excessive saltiness of the water during dry, hot weather. This saltiness led to an unprecedented bloom of golden algae and extreme pollution of the creek. Because of this, as many as 161 species and up to 22,000 animals died along more then 40 miles of Dunkard Creek from the West Virginia fork to the Monongahela River.
"Dead Fish Rising" is a community production that is the result of collaboration between residents of West Virginia and of Pennsylvania. The cast includes 10 children and 15 adults. In this educational play, the cast will act, sing and dance in an original production that interprets what happened to Dunkard Creek and how it happened.
Tickets are $5 for children, $10 for adults and $20 for conservationists. Tickets for a drawing cost $5. Tickets can be bought at Rising Creek Bakery in Mount Morris or online at with Pay Pal. A rain date is set for 4pm Oct 16.

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