Sunday, March 10, 2013

Federal funds available to help golden-winger warbler

Money is available to help bring back larger populations of the golden-winged warbler, the US Departments of Agriculture and Interior announced.  The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is working with a program called Working Lands for Wildlife, which funds the recovery of certain at-risk, threatened or endangered species.  The program has divided about $33 million in federal funds among seven selected species in the US.  Parts of Monongalia, Preston and Taylor counties are among 18 in West Virginia that are habitat for the golden-winger warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera).  Properties eligible for funds include, but are not limited to, tracts 3-5 acres or more that are bordered by about 75 percent forest, including forest at elevations of 2,000-3,200 feet.  Interested producers and landowners can enroll at their local NRCS field office.  Applications submitted before April 1 will be ranked for funding, with contracts obligated by June 30.

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