Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Green Night at Morgantown Public Library - Mar 14

Make Your Backyard Wildlife Friendly
Green Night at Library on March 14
Spring is coming and homeowners are starting to think about getting out in the yard again and making it an enjoyable place.
But, how about also making that space friendly to your wildlife friends?
On Thursday, March 14, WVU Wildlife Biologist Sheldon Owen will help you think through some first steps.
Geared to adults and children alike, the workshop will cover how to give native wild plants and animals what they need to thrive, while avoiding damage some of them can cause. The session takes place 6:00–7:30pm at the downtown public library (373 Spruce Street), sponsored by the Morgantown Municipal Green Team. 
For more information, contact Pamela Cubberly at 703-218-5417 or Pamela@Cubberly.net

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