Monday, April 8, 2013

Coopers Rock Foundation needs volunteers April 13 and 14

     The Coopers Rock Foundation is hosting a work weekend this upcoming weekend of April 13th and 14th, and all volunteers are welcome.  Celebrate Earth Day early, gain some Community Service Hours, have fun in your favorite neighborhood State Forest, get a work-out, and meet people.  Tools provided.
     On Saturday, April 13th, from 10 until 2, there will be a Rocky Habitat Restoration Session in the Upper Rock City Area.  Meet at the Concession Stand.  Working with limbs and branches that came down as the result of Hurricane Sandy's snows of late October, 2012, and which were collected from the Overlook Area and set aside by CRF and volunteers, the downed wood will be carried into Upper Rock City and used to reduce human and deer traffic in some areas so as to encourage natural forest regeneration.
     From  2 until 6, there will be tree-planting in the Overlook Area, in the vicinity of the restrooms, picnic area, and playground -- the most heavily-used area of Coopers Rock other than the Main Overlook.  This will be the first of many annual CRF efforts to come to plant saplings in this area to get the next generation of forest started in a stand of trees with hardly any understory.
     On Sunday, April 14th, from 1 to 5, there will be trail maintenance on Rhododendron Trail, with the possibility of building a new drainage feature or two.  This is a heavily-used trail by hikers, trail runners, and mountain-bikers, and is also used by some cross-country skiers.  The needs of all these groups will be considered in the design of all drainage features built or maintained.  Meet at the entrance to the Day Use Parking Lot.  Latecomers, find us on Rhododendron Trail.

   --thank you!  for the Coopers Rock Foundation, 
     Adam Polinski, Trailwork Coordinator

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