Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Saturday's Earth Day Project

Greetings all,
This is an update for our project on Saturday the 20th at the Morgantown Learning Academy.  Bring what ever gardening tools you want to work with and work gloves.  This includes clippers, loppers, rakes, shovels, etc.  Since we have some folks who can only come in the morning and others who have morning commitments and will be coming late I suggest we each just bring our own lunches if you need one.  I have asked Jen to provide water.

The area for the wildflowers is not ready but the following is a list of projects we hope to tackle:

 1) Clear out brush and make current outdoor classroom look nicer
2)  Clear the deer path to upper maple clearing
3)  Clear out under kestrel box
4)  Maybe someone could put in a step at Black Birch crossing?  I could find some stones and we could just do it with a shovel?
5)  general clearing of the trail
We start at nine rain or shine unless it is storming (as in Lightning and /or high winds.)
See you Saturday

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