Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Mountain Mallards of the Morgantown Learning Academy needs volunteers

The Mon County Master Naturalist Organization is looking for volunteers willing to spend an hour per week with the Mountain Mallards 0f the Morgantown Learning Academy.

Ten children, ranging from 7-11 years of age are led by Jen Osha, a teacher at the MLA.  Jen loves the outdoors and wants her kids to love it, too.  Every outing, occurs on the MLA's 12.5 acre campus.  With Jen's knowledge of nature, her sense of fun, and her student's enthusiasm and curiosity, she says that anything can happen from tracking animals, learning about stream health, to just rolling down a hill.  The outings are unstructured and rough-and-tumble fun.

Each child keeps a journal of every outing, which may include a pressed flower, a leaf tracing, or other souvenir.  Each outing has a theme and so far they have learned about 5 different trees, 2 bird species and have studied various animal tracks.

Jen welcomes anyone interested in spending a session with this group.  Expertise is appreciated, but not necessary.  All that is needed is a shared interest in nature and a desire to have fun with the kids. Jen says that you may bring clippers for possible work and she warns that there is a steep hill to traverse.

dates:  starting on Wednesday, April 17 through Wednesday, May 29, but not Wed. April 24 {testing day at the school}
time: 3:30 pm-4:45 pm
place: Morgantown Learning Academy on Easton Hill Road.

Jen asks that if a volunteer has something in particular that they would like to share, they can e-mail it to Jen and she will print it out for their journals, or the volunteer can print out 10 small versions-the kids have little journals, so quarter sheets would work well.

When you arrive, you will need to get a visitor pass from the office before the group heads out.  Plan on arriving a few minutes early to have time to go to the office.  You can text Jen to let her know you have arrived.

Jen's contact info.   phone:  304-698-5160
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Sunnie Morton, who will set things up with Jen.

Sunnie's contact info.  phone:  304-598-1061

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