Friday, May 31, 2013

Volunteer Opportunity at Coopers Rock Sunday June 9

Dear Master Naturalists,

The Coopers Rock Foundation is hosting the 24th annual Celebration of the Outdoors on Sunday June 9.  
We need your help!  We need 2 people to man the paintball course and people to help out with registration. 
Please contact me at if you can help out with this event for a few hours.  

Thank you,
Dee Fulton

the Coopers Rock Foundation Inc. (CRF) is a non-profit corporation founded in 1989, and dedicated to preserving and protecting the past, present and future of Coopers Rock State Forest and Snake Hill Wildlife Management Area.
The Foudation prides itself in its “hand on” approach to working for the benefit of the forest, and recreators of all kinds. The Foundation Board members are all volunteers from the local community, and we meet monthly in a space that is generously provided by the Davis College at West Virginia University.  Because we have little administrative costs, the majority of what we obtain in donations goes directly back into the forest in the form of project work.   This past year the Foundation was very busy, and our work projects included:
  • Clean up of the exterior walls of the Henry Clay Furnace
  • Purchase and placement of “high visibility” trail blazes on heavily used trails
  • Construction of a tree nursery, and planting of trees throughout the south side of the forest
  • Summer Campfire Programming for the McCullom Campground
  • Securing state reimbursement funding for two CCC historical preservation projects; one to repair/restore the fireplaces, and the second to recreate the Coopers Rock main entrance
  • Completion of an ADA accessability project in cooperation with the DNR Parks division to provide access to the overlook restroom facilty
  • Annual Rocky Habitat Restoration events to preserve and protect the fragile overlook rocky areas from “too much love” 
The Foundation also facilitates thousands of labor hours annually from volunteers of various ages and backgrounds to help maintain the trails, restore degraded natural habitats, and preserve historical sites throughout the Forest. 

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