Saturday, September 21, 2013

Two plants on Star City rail trail

After our breakfast at Terra Cafe, we embarked on a walk down the Star City rail trail.  We came across a grape-leaf like vine with a second vine growing up through it.
The smaller vine had balloon-like seeds pods.  Greg opened one and found some small, nut-like seeds inside.  He declined to try one.
The larger of the two vines had an interesting fruit that grew in clusters like bananas.  These were very prickly on the outside which Greg discovered.
A closer view of the larger vine with a view of the fruit and leaf placements.

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  1. The plant with the lantern-like fruit most likely is the ground cherry. Perhaps Physalis virginiana. Fruits inside the lantern are only edible when the package is kind of beige-grayish and the actual round fruit is yellow-orange in color. I think it has its own unique taste but some say it has a hint of pineapple. The plant is among the nightshades so do be careful, nonetheless.
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