Monday, April 7, 2014

Volunteer to pull garlic mustard at the WVU Arboretum

Dear stalwart volunteers,

It's that time again. I think. Garlic mustard growth has been delayed by wintry weather this year. In 2012, some plants flowered as early as March 25. In 2013, they were later. This year, I have yet to see any flower stalks begin to push up. Still, there is plenty of gm out there, and I expect development to be very rapid from now on.

Thanks to you, native plants are making a comeback in parts of the Arboretum where garlic mustard had dominated. For example, it was once again easy to find Impatiens on the flood plain in 2013, after several years of scarcity.

I hope you will be interested in again participating in our garlic mustard pullathons, and perhaps help spread the word among your friends who might also be interested. I would like to schedule 2014 pullathons beginning at 8:30 AM weekdays from Thursday, April 24 on. Dates and times could be adjusted depending on our schedules – we all have other things to do! Your help is much appreciated.

Please respond with your preferences as to days and times if you can help this year.

Total hauls:

2010 – 11 heaping truckloads
2011 – 6 heaping truckloads
2012 – 5 heaping truckloads
2013 – 4.5 heaping truckloads
2014 - ???? Time will tell.

Thank you,


Jon Weems

Arboretum Specialist
WVU Biology
5234 Life Sciences Building


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