Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Volunteer hours at the WVBG and free firewood

Wednesday 7/16/14 9am to noon.
 Phil Cole will be leading a special morning of removing Japanese Stiltgrass.  There are several areas of infestation that need to be cleaned up before it goes to seed. Please come and help us get rid of this noxious weed before it takes over.

 Saturday 7/19/14 9am to noon.
 The monthly volunteer work morning will be spent getting more clearing done where the dam breach will be put in by MUB in the near future. If you have not heard, the WV DEP has long  required that the dam on the reservoir be breached so that it can no longer hold water. We are trying to prepare the  area for MUB. Bring a sharp chainsaw if you have one. Hard hats and ear protection will be provided to those not  having them. There will be lots of firewood (unsplit). If you can come and help with this project we will be happy  for you to take a load home when we finish on Saturday. Please call me if you have questions: 304-376-2717.

 George Longenecker
 Executive Director

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