Thursday, October 9, 2014

Master Naturalist Moss-lichen Workshop Sat. Oct. 11, 2 to 4:30 PM

Join us for the Moss-Lichen Workshop this Saturday at the West Virginia Botanic Garden.  Our instructor is Dr Susan Studlar.  We will meet in the lower parking lot.
Dr Studlar requests that you bring:
> 1) a hand-lens
> 2) a small light if convenient (e.g., Keyring light or small flashlight). It makes a world of difference if you can shine a light on a moss then look at it magnified. I have yet to find an inexpensive illuminated hand-lens that doesn't fall apart.
> 3) folder or clipboard for handouts and also to write on.  I will have a couple of handouts (one being my handout for the Sept. 28 walk, the other a new one especially for this workshop - in part a worksheet, with questions to answer on site.
> 4) water bottle with enough water to drink and to wake up the mosses, as needed!
Plan on being at the lower parking lot about 1:45 PM on Saturday so we can start on time.

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  1. This walk was very information. It also covered a lot of the trails in the WVBG that most people never cover. Thanks to Sue and Ellen.