Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oct 30 Monongahela Master Naturalist Class

From Ellen Hrabovsky:
This class is more than just art.  It is about seeing and documenting what you see.  There are many ways to do that and Ann will show you some possibilities.
We have paper and pencils for sketching.  This year Ann plans to focus on winter twigs which will be a great introduction to life without leaves and how easy
it is to identify trees even without those green things.
PLEASE NOTE!!!  Class be will at 6 pm in room 205 Percival Hall instead of the lab we usually use.  (this is where we have met the geology lecture)
It will be helpful if a few of you "old timers" be there a little early to help the new people find the new location. 
So far this seems to be the last scheduled class of the year, since the Invasive Plants person has struck out.  We are working on a couple of other winter classes and the book club will
meet as we did last year. 
Hope to see many of you Thursday.

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