Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Garlic Mustard pulling continues at Arboretum

Dear stalwart volunteers,

There’s lots of garlic mustard this year, and that’s a good thing. I’ll explain.

The plants we are pulling were seedlings in 2014, a very good year for germination and growth of gm, which prefers cool, damp springs. 2015 is another good year. (2012 and 2013 were not so good.) This means the gm seed bank (seeds that may lie dormant for years) is being depleted more rapidly now than in recent past years. Hurrah! If we don’t slack off, there should be less gm in the future.

This also means we have much more work remaining this year. I am scheduling gm pullathons for 1:00 PM Wednesday, April 29, and 1:00 PM Friday, May 1, and 9:00 AM Monday, May 4. Come if you wish, Zach and I would enjoy your company and appreciate your work. Note the PM times for this week’s sessions.

Notes on the season so far:

We are already approaching last year’s harvest, with several areas yet to be covered.
This year’s student pullers were very good.
We have seen more deer browsing damage than in past years, but still less than five percent of plants. It could be that young deer have yet to develop plant recognition skills.
More men than women turned out to pull gm on Thursday, an unprecedented occurrence. Women have dominated the legions of pullers since then, restoring the natural order of the universe.

Onward – and thank you!


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