Monday, April 27, 2015

Volunteer Opportunities at Elizabeth's Woods

The extent of the work is, for our volunteer (practical) purposes, almost unlimited. I don’t say that to frighten anyone but there is *a lot* of work that we could do at Elizabeth’s Woods over the next several years at least. This includes (in terms of my priorities):

1.       Trail construction – the ‘lower loop’ needs about another mile or so of tread work
2.       Vine control – in the old-field and in the older forest stands
3.       Invasive species control – Ailanthus cutting, Japanese barberry pulling (cutting of those that are too big to pull), garlic mustard pulling, multi-flora rose cutting
4.       Trail construction – the ‘upper loop’ needs to be designed and laid-out on the ground, then built
5.       Ridgeline trail connector between the upper and lower loops (to be built at the same time as the upper loop)
6.       Trail and trailhead signing – the parking lot will be built in the summer of 2016 by the WV Army Nat Guard (WVLT will provide materials and fuel $); signs should be put up when the parking lot is being built
7.       Env Interpretation program – this has actually begun but will need to be completed as the trails come ‘online’.

I can usually set aside Fridays, but I am more than willing to work on weekends if that is better for the group. Let’s first try Fridays and go from there. That said, I am not opposed to meeting at the Blue Moose some morning (soon) to discuss this and get a better sense of when people can work and what they’d like to do. Everyone, let me know.

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