Saturday, May 16, 2015

Kayak with Mussels

Join us for an EPIC Adventure!
 Kayak with Mussels

Date:  May 30
Time:  10am - 5pm
Location:  Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge (Williamstown, WV)
Cost:  $25
Description:  Tour a mussel rearing facility at the Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge, kayak around Buckley Island, and receive mussel education with Patty Morrison, USFWS Refuge Biologist.  
Scattered along 362 miles of the Ohio River, the Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge restores and protects habitat for wildlife in one of our nation's busiest inland waterways.
Freshwater mussels act like little water-filtration pumps on the bottom of the river.  Just by feeding, they clean the water.  Forty species of freshwater mussels occur on the refuge, including the endangered pink mucket and the fanshell.  Freshwater mussels are among the nation's most imperiled wildlife.  The refuge's underwater sand and gravel deposits provide vital mussel habitat.
The invasion of the Ohio River by non-native zebra mussels threatens native mussel survival.  The refuge is working with partners to conserve native mussels throughout the Ohio River watershed. 

EPIC (Engaging Professionals In Conservation) is a great opportunity to get involved with the WV Land Trust, venture outdoors, make new friends, and learn how YOU can help keep West Virginia wild and wonderful!  In addition to learning more about land conservation, our leaders will provide guidance and basic instruction so that you can engage in similar outings on your own or with friends.

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