Monday, September 28, 2015

Note from Ellen for October events

We wind the season down with a busy month.
Oct. 1 Thursday 6 pm at the Ag Sci Bldg. Rm. 1030 Botanical Art with Jeanne Perrier. Counts as Recording and Preserving core course.  Need a hand lens.
Oct. 8. Sheldon Owen - Mammals.  Same place as above
Oct. 10. SaturdayMosses, lichens, etc. at the WV Botanic Garden 2:00 pm -4:00pm with Sue Studlar.  We will be walking most of that time.  Bring hand lens!
Oct. 15. Fish. Ross Andrew from the WVU Fisheries program will meet with us at the Ag. Sci. Bldg. at 6 pm
Oct. 22 At the Ag Sci Bldg. Sheldon will tell us about Bats and Caves. Same room, same time
Oct 24.  We finish the year this Saturday, at the Westvaco Natural Resources Bldg. in the WVU University Forest we will be doing orienteering with Ray Frear and Sheldon Owen from 10-3.  Lunch at noon is  pot-luck so bring a dish of something - enough for 8 is a good way to estimate the amount.  We will be saying thanks to our many volunteer faculty who do this each year for us.  If you have a compass bring it too.

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