Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How many kayaks can fit in the lock at one time?

Hi, All.

Below are the details for our Halloween Lockage this Saturday, October 31:

1.   Please plan on being in the water (in your boat that is!) near the downtown Morgantown boat ramp by 12:45 so that we can gather and start paddling toward the lock at 1:00 sharp. 

  • There are at over 25 boaters now, so I would suggest people can start arriving at noon, and enjoy paddling toward the Arboretum and about; just be back at the ramp by 12:45The ramp is at the very bottom of Walnut Street, to the right of Hazel Ruby McQuain Park.
  • Parking is very limited at the ramp (another reason to get there early), so we will be there to help get boats off cars and watch your things so you can go park.  Walnut Street garage is nearby, as well as the top lot at the corner of Chestnut and Pleasant Streets.  Please avoid the parking lots of businesses that are open and need them.

  • Gwen Jones, our bright lime green Dagger Zydeco paddler, will be signing people in so MAP can keep track of our outings.

  • I have attached the lockage instructions again.  PLEASE READ before Saturday.  Key – you must wear a life preserver to go through the lock (and when on the water, period).  Many folks will be new to lockages, but a number of us now have experience and will guide you.  Very gentle and easy!  Only a few boats will tie on, with the rest forming a raft, as our Facebook profile picture shows.

2.   Time-wise, once we complete our lockage to the top of the dam, enjoy paddling around toward Uffington.  You can decide when to turn around for the return lockage, but please do so with at least one other person so you don’t paddle alone.  Chris Linton (red Wilderness Systems kayak with flowers) will be out there guiding so that everyone going back through the lock will have done that well before the lock closes at 3:00.
3.   Saturday's weather just keeps getting better!  High is predicted to be in mid 60's, warming up from a cool night, so wear layers.  I always bring a rain parka along just in case of rain or wind, although chance of rain is very low (like 0% as of this morning!).

4.   I’d suggest bringing a snack and drink.  After our paddle, please consider eating somewhere downtown, and let them know you are there as a MAPer.  I am always interested in our supporting local businesses, and we may need their help in the future.

If you decide at the last minute to show up, please come!  Encourage your friends!  We have a photographer coming, and possibly press.  Let’s enjoy our first major MAP event!  Response has been awesome!  If you have any questions, email or give me a call at 304-685-5270
THANK YOU ALL, and MOTHER NATURE, for making this a success!

Cheers, fellow paddlers!  Hope to see some of you this week, and even more on Saturday.

Mary Wimmer, Organizer
Morgantown Area Paddlers (MAP)
361 Laurel St.
Morgantown, WV  26505

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