Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Saturday, April 23: 3rd Annual Green Households Fair at Farmer's Market

Come one, come all to the 3rd Annual Green Households Fair! About a dozen resource people have volunteered to talk with  you on on one about your questions on how to live sustainably. Topics include:

Recycling: What You Can and Cannot Recycle

Energy Audits: How It's Done, Why It's Good

Energy Efficiency: How Can You Make the Most of the Least Amount of Energy?

Home Solar Energy: What Does It Take? How Much Does It Cost?

Organic Gardening: Keeping Your Food Chemical Free and Delicious!

Composting/Worm Bins: Make Use of Your Organic Waste

Rain Barrels: Water Your Garden and Keep Our Streams Healthy!

Chicken Keeping: How to Raise Poultry Well and Responsibly

Bee Keeping: Make Your Own Honey

Homemade Natural Products: Make Your Own Natural Products from Scratch!

Safe Bikes: Learn How to Maintain and Repair Your Bike and Ride It Safely

In addition, local elementary school kids will again demonstrate what they are learning about growing their own produce, composting, and vermiculture. And the Morgantown Public Library will display its extensive collection of book and other resources on living sustainably.

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