Friday, August 19, 2016

Explore Cheat Mountain & Red Spruce Forest With Us!
A Ruckus in the Red Spruce:  
The Civil War on Cheat Mountain
Critter Exploration!
When:  Saturday, August 20
Time:  10am - 4pm
Place:  Cheat Mountain (Huttonsville)
Cost:  $20
Level:  Beginner / Easy
Optional lodging:  Tent camping
All ages are welcome!

The raw beauty and natural wonders of Cheat Mountain will be on full display as we rediscover General Robert E. Lee's first campaign of the Civil War.  While exploring the Cheat Mountain wilderness, we will venture into the Red Spruce Forest to view the flora and fauna of this unique ecosystem.  We are hoping to find a federally threatened Cheat Mountain Salamander, following the footsteps of famous botanist Asa Gray.  We will wade into ankle deep water looking at river scour to see rare plants and communities.  What is river scour?  High elevation/high gradient mountain river freezes and during the March thaw, the ice breaks away and grinds the whole way down the river, leaving rare plant communities along the way.  This is something truly magical to see!

Pack a picnic lunch and explore with us!


West Virginia Land Trust
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