Thursday, June 22, 2017

DNR warns against river otters after two were bitten

Two people were recently bitten by a river otter while boating on Dunkard Creek in Monongalia County, near Mason-Dixon Historical Park.  The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR) reminds the public to exercise caution around these aquatic mammals.
River otters have large home ranges in and along many of the streams and rivers in the state.  Otters are territorial and may aggressively protect their young, so people should be extra careful not to disrupt their habitat.
"Do not approach river otters," Steve Raouch, District 1 wildlife biologist, said.  "If an otter approaches, you should take steps to keep the otter away from you.  This can be done with boat oars, fishing rod, or whatever else might be readily available.  You should never try to touch a river otter or any other wild animal."
(Dominion Post 6/20/2017)

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